Move within our life,
O Holy Spirit of God.
Come to us with the authority of truth,
Be with us in the beauty of wisdom.
Equip, enable, teach and inspire us,
Move among us and abroad in all the earth
sot hat our lives and communities
may be transformed.

Deanery Synod, 10th June – Open Invitation


You will, I hope, already know that the Bridgnorth Deanery Synod meets four times a year. Each church in the Deanery is entitled to send elected representatives to those meetings, but any of you is welcome to join us as a visitor at any meeting and you may find some of the presentations of interest.

We warmly invite you to the next meeting which is on a topic which may touch many of us in the future.

Wednesday 10th June

7.30pm – Cleeton St Mary Village Hall

Speaker: Dr Benoît Ritzenthaler, Palliative Medicine Consultant

Subject: Christians at Work:

Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide.

Can Palliative Medicine provide some answers to these difficult questions?

A personal view from a Christian professional.


Marjorie Brooks,

Secretary Bridgnorth Deanery Synod



Lord God, you are King,
shortly we will remember your enthronement in heaven,
Your name will be above all names,
yet in your great love for us
you call us to be one with you and each other.

You are a God who has shown us the
power of love and forgiveness,
You teach us truth and justice
You alone are good.

Help us we pray, to be glad that we
belong to you; from sunrise to sunset
may our lives and our lips
exalt and honour your name;
through Jesus Christ our Lord. AMEN

Prayer for the Week

Lord Jesus, Redeemer of the world, Good Shepherd of the sheep,
watch over us Holy One of God, look kindly upon us,
move within our life and keep our eyes fixed on you.
Don’t let our hearts be drawn towards evil,
protect us from the snares of death until you guide us safely into
green pastures where our souls may want for nothing,
our souls may rest secure and we shall see your glory.

A Prayer for Easter

In the shadow of our suffering
is the suffering of Jesus.

In the shadow of our weakness
is the vulnerability of Christ.

In the shadow of our human pain
is the God who cried out.

Though we rejected him
Christ is always with us,
we are never left alone,
for by virtue of Christ’s death and resurrection
joy has come into our world.

Thanks be to God. Alleluia Amen! 

New Burial Ground Botanical Companion

The charity Caring for God’s Acre promotes the conservation of burial sites of all kinds and in support of its work a Burial Ground Botanical Companion has been produced, which has two parts; a simple survey involving counting plant species followed by some simple identification of different plants to give an indication of grassland type. The A5 sized Companion will help people get started in learning about grassland plants, how to record species and what can be done with the information. It is not necessary to be able to identify every plant; people can simply have a go at as many stages in the Companion as they can. More information here.

Prayer for Holy Week

Along with your disciples
deeply our hearts praise you, O Lord
Great things you will do for us
but not before suffering the pain of the cross
and the wrath of mankind;
as we read and journey through Holy Week,
speak to us Lord, warm our hearts,
strengthen our faith to believe
and fill us with your joy anew
when we hear the news of the angels
the tomb is empty, and all that you foretold is true.

Though we cannot understand,
in faith let us give thanks
‘HE IS RISEN.’ Death has been conquered.
Alleluia, Amen

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