The Gathering Videos

All the videos recorded at the gathering are now uploaded onto YouTube. The links are below.

The Gathering Videos:This link is to a YouTube playlist – all the recordings in Chronological Order:
Individual Videos:

Wed 8 July Bishop Helen-Ann Hartley
Wed 8 July Bible Study Gordon Mursell
Thu 9 July Neil Hudson
Thu 9 July Bible Study Gordon Mursell
Fri 10 July Final Thanks
Fri 10 July Introducing ‘Follow!’
Fri 10 July Bible Study Gordon Muriel

Also, the organisers (and the Editor of Reflections) are keen to collate as many photographs as possible from the Gathering, formal or informal. It is possible to add them to the web-site, or they could be sent, please, to Mike Vockins,

Follow! Join the conversation Share the journey

The diocese has announced an exciting programme of events for September as we all get the opportunity to meet our Bishops in the setting of our choice, Tea party or pub, cathedral or activity centre. The events are scattered throughout the Diocese and everyone is invited to the event of their choosing. Find out more on the dedicated area of the website or ‘like’ Follow – Hereford Diocese on Facebook. The Follow! dates start on 8th September in Craven Arms and continue throughout the month. A full calendar is available on the website HERE. Keep checking the website as more information is being added all the time. Facebook is also a source of information too.

Posters and invitation cards are available in packs from the Diocesan Offices in Hereford and Ludlow: drop in  and collect or ring and request 01432 373300 for Hereford and 01584 871089  for Ludlow.


Lord God, you are the creator of heaven and earth,
day by day, year by year we see your hands at work
both in the world and graciously in our lives.
We have so many reasons to count our blessings,
so much to give thanks for.
Let faith grow in our lives, let the saving words of Jesus
grow richly in the soil of our hearts.
May the abundant love of Jesus strengthen our commitment to you
and to others and may the fruit of our faith overflow in joy and gladness
filling the earth with your glory, through Jesus Christ our Lord. AMEN.

Deanery Synod, 10th June – Open Invitation


You will, I hope, already know that the Bridgnorth Deanery Synod meets four times a year. Each church in the Deanery is entitled to send elected representatives to those meetings, but any of you is welcome to join us as a visitor at any meeting and you may find some of the presentations of interest.

We warmly invite you to the next meeting which is on a topic which may touch many of us in the future.

Wednesday 10th June

7.30pm – Cleeton St Mary Village Hall

Speaker: Dr Benoît Ritzenthaler, Palliative Medicine Consultant

Subject: Christians at Work:

Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide.

Can Palliative Medicine provide some answers to these difficult questions?

A personal view from a Christian professional.


Marjorie Brooks,

Secretary Bridgnorth Deanery Synod


New Burial Ground Botanical Companion

The charity Caring for God’s Acre promotes the conservation of burial sites of all kinds and in support of its work a Burial Ground Botanical Companion has been produced, which has two parts; a simple survey involving counting plant species followed by some simple identification of different plants to give an indication of grassland type. The A5 sized Companion will help people get started in learning about grassland plants, how to record species and what can be done with the information. It is not necessary to be able to identify every plant; people can simply have a go at as many stages in the Companion as they can. More information here.


The Gathering at Harper Adams University takes place from 8th to 10th July and everyone in the Diocese is invited to sign up for it  Have you looked at the Gathering web-site:

Brochures (which include the booking form) are now in all our churches, and are available at the Hereford and Ludlow offices and at Ludlow Mascall Centre.

It’s a Gathering not to be missed with key-note speakers including the Rt. Rev’d Helen-Ann Hartley, Bishop of Waikato, NZ; Rev’d Neil Hudson from the London Institute of Contemporary Christianity; and Rev’d Mike Pilavachi, founder and director of Soul Survivor. Daily Bible study will be led by the much-admired and highly respected Gordon Mursell, formerly Bishop of Stafford and Dean of Birmingham, and Jo Brand is the speaker at the Gathering Dinner. Make sure you get hold of a brochure, and complete the booking form to be there, in the Gap as we gather together to ‘Mind The Gap’.

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