Lord God, you are King,
shortly we will remember your enthronement in heaven,
Your name will be above all names,
yet in your great love for us
you call us to be one with you and each other.

You are a God who has shown us the
power of love and forgiveness,
You teach us truth and justice
You alone are good.

Help us we pray, to be glad that we
belong to you; from sunrise to sunset
may our lives and our lips
exalt and honour your name;
through Jesus Christ our Lord. AMEN

Prayer for the Week

Lord Jesus, Redeemer of the world, Good Shepherd of the sheep,
watch over us Holy One of God, look kindly upon us,
move within our life and keep our eyes fixed on you.
Don’t let our hearts be drawn towards evil,
protect us from the snares of death until you guide us safely into
green pastures where our souls may want for nothing,
our souls may rest secure and we shall see your glory.


The Gathering at Harper Adams University takes place from 8th to 10th July and everyone in the Diocese is invited to sign up for it  Have you looked at the Gathering web-site:

Brochures (which include the booking form) are now in all our churches, and are available at the Hereford and Ludlow offices and at Ludlow Mascall Centre.

It’s a Gathering not to be missed with key-note speakers including the Rt. Rev’d Helen-Ann Hartley, Bishop of Waikato, NZ; Rev’d Neil Hudson from the London Institute of Contemporary Christianity; and Rev’d Mike Pilavachi, founder and director of Soul Survivor. Daily Bible study will be led by the much-admired and highly respected Gordon Mursell, formerly Bishop of Stafford and Dean of Birmingham, and Jo Brand is the speaker at the Gathering Dinner. Make sure you get hold of a brochure, and complete the booking form to be there, in the Gap as we gather together to ‘Mind The Gap’.

Changes to Service Times in Brown Clee Churches

The times of our Sunday services have been reviewed and will alter from February. Although the new time-table will present some changes we hope the new times and alterations (as well as additions)will provide a new opportunity to grow our congregations and offer a greater number of services both on Sundays and, from March, a Mid-week Communion Service. Please come and join us, a warm welcome awaits you whichever church you choose to attend.

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