Deanery Synod, 10th June – Open Invitation


You will, I hope, already know that the Bridgnorth Deanery Synod meets four times a year. Each church in the Deanery is entitled to send elected representatives to those meetings, but any of you is welcome to join us as a visitor at any meeting and you may find some of the presentations of interest.

We warmly invite you to the next meeting which is on a topic which may touch many of us in the future.

Wednesday 10th June

7.30pm – Cleeton St Mary Village Hall

Speaker: Dr Benoît Ritzenthaler, Palliative Medicine Consultant

Subject: Christians at Work:

Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide.

Can Palliative Medicine provide some answers to these difficult questions?

A personal view from a Christian professional.


Marjorie Brooks,

Secretary Bridgnorth Deanery Synod