The Gathering: New plans

Message from Bishop Richard on 1 November 2016:-

The Bishop’s Council has made the decision not to plan a residential Gathering for the foreseeable future.

Instead, it is hoped to arrange a more local, accessible, all-age event, or events, designed to offer fellowship, encouragement and teaching.

This decision is partly, but not entirely, financially driven. A residential event is fairly expensive both for individuals attending and for the hard-pressed diocesan budget. But we would also like to broaden the range of people involved and in particular make it easier for younger people to attend.

In no way is this any criticism of what has gone before. The Gathering in 2015 was brilliant in many ways, but changed circumstances require a changed approach.

The Rev Chris Moore is assembling a group to plan the non-residential Gathering. They will be making recommendations regarding content, venue and timing. Do please get in touch with Chris email:  if you have any ideas.